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Acerca de Unitech

Unitech Group was founded in 1979, initially focusing on turnkey solution design for enterprise customers. Now, 30 years later, with a strong ability to identify market opportunities, Unitech is realizing long-term success. Today, there are over 500 Unitech employees serving customers worldwide. In anticipation of expanding business needs and to even better serve our customers, Unitech Group spun off a portion of the business to focus solely on the ADC industry. On January 1, 2008, the Unitech ADC Group officially became Unitech Electronics Co., Ltd., owned by Unitech Group.

Business Scope
In 1985, Unitech embarked on a program to develop and supply a broad range of Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) products. This range consists of Rugged PDAs, Rugged Handheld Terminals, Time & Access Terminals, Barcode Scanners, and RFID Readers. A strong ability to identify market trends and opportunities has made Unitech as a leading vendor of ADC products worldwide. Unitech has built up strong bases in America, APAC, China, Europe, Japan and Taiwan working closely with almost 1000 partners in over 35 countries, ensuring it provides the best possible support to its customers.
Social Responsibility
Unitech understands that it is part of the global community, and demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility by participating in a number of charity programs across the globe. Unitech is also committed to environmental responsibility and has integrated Green Systems into its product design, production and service operations.